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A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing Reinforced Staplers with Bare Staplers During Distal Pancreatectomy (HiSCO-07 Trial)

Naru Kondo MD, Kenichiro Uemura MD, Naoya Nakagawa MD, Kenjiro Okada MD, Shintaro Kuroda MD, Takeshi Sudo MD, Naoto Hadano MD, Hiroyoshi Matstukawa MD, Daisuke Satoh MD, Masaru Sasaki MD, Tomoyuki Abe MD, Saburo Fukuda, Akihiko Oshita MD, Akira Nakashima MD, Yasushi Hashimoto MD, Hideki Ohdan MD, Yoshiaki Murakami MD
Pancreatic Tumors
Volume 26, Issue 5 / May , 2019



Although distal pancreatectomy (DP) using a reinforced stapler is expected to reduce PF, no multicenter RCT has been performed. To investigate whether reinforced staplers reduce the incidence of clinically relevant pancreatic fistula (PF) after DP compared with staplers without reinforcement.


Between July 2016 and December 2017, patients scheduled for DP were enrolled in a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial (RCT) at nine hospitals in Hiroshima Japan. Patients were randomized either to reinforced stapler or bare stapler. The primary endpoint was incidence of clinically relevant PF. This RCT was registered with UMIN Clinical Trial Registry (UMIN000022341).


A total of 122 patients were assigned to reinforced stapler (n = 61) or bare stapler (n = 61), and 119 patients (61 reinforced stapler and 59 bare stapler) were analyzed. There was no significant difference in the incidence of clinically relevant PF between the reinforced stapler and bare stapler groups (16.3% vs. 27.1%, p = 0.15). Furthermore, the rates of major complication (16.3% vs. 18.6%, p = 0.74), postpancreatectomy hemorrhage (0% vs. 3.4%, p = 0.08), and median postoperative in-hospital days (19 days vs. 20 days, p = 0.78) did not differ between the two groups. Within a subset of 82 patients in whom the thickness of pancreatic transection line was less than 14 mm, a significant difference was found in the incidence of clinically relevant PF (4.5% vs. 21.0% in the reinforced stapler vs. bare stapler groups, respectively, p = 0.01).


Reinforced stapler for pancreatic transection during DP does not reduce the incidence of clinically relevant PF compared to stapler without reinforcement.

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