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Comparison of Salvage Total Pharyngolaryngectomy and Cervical Esophagectomy Between Hypopharyngeal Cancer and Cervical Esophageal Cancer

Katsushi Takebayashi MD, PhD, Yasuhiro Tsubosa MD, PhD, Tomoyuki Kamijo MD, PhD, Yoshiyuki Iida MD, Atsushi Imai MD, PhD, Masato Nagaoka MD, Takashi Kitani MD, Masahiro Niihara MD, PhD, Eisuke Booka MD, PhD, Ayako Shimada MD, Masahiro Nakagawa MD, PhD, Tetsuro Onitsuka MD, PhD
Head and Neck Oncology
Volume 24, Issue 3 / March , 2017



Total pharyngolaryngectomy and cervical esophagectomy (TPLCE) after chemoradiotherapy remains a challenge because of the high rate of complications and few available data on outcomes and safety. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical significance of salvage TPLCE and to compare treatment outcomes between hypopharyngeal cancer and cervical esophageal cancer.


Data from 37 consecutive patients who were diagnosed with potentially resectable hypopharyngeal and cervical esophageal cancer after chemoradiotherapy were retrospectively analyzed. The survival and surgical outcomes were investigated between the hypopharyngeal cancer and cervical esophageal cancer groups.


Twenty-six patients were included in hypopharyngeal cancer group and 11 patients were included in cervical esophageal cancer group. The baseline characteristics were balanced between the two groups. Compared to the hypopharyngeal cancer group, the cervical esophageal cancer group had significantly more frequent tracheal-related complications (p < 0.05) and stronger association of distal margin of the cervical esophagus and radiation field with tracheal ischemia after salvage surgery.


Salvage TPLCE can offer the exclusive chance of prolonged survival. Association of tracheal ischemia with salvage TPLCE was seen more frequently for cervical esophageal cancer. Therefore, the indication for salvage TPLCE must be carefully considered to maintain the balance between curability and safety.

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